April 28, 2010
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heART sale (A fundraiser to support the artists and the Richardson Humane Society)

Attention Artists: If you'd like to donate work to the H.A.P. heART show, please send a digital image of proposed work to scott with your contact information.
How to deliver your work

There will be a final award ceremony and party for H.A.P., Wednesday, April 28th.  It will draw an impressive art crowd, we’re shooting for 300-400 people and media attention should be fantastic.  We’ve added a fund raising piece to the party called heART show.  I’m selecting artists to submit work that will be sold for a set rate of $400.  But, we are seeking work that is valued at least double the selling price.  50% of the proceeds go to the artists and 50% go to the Richardson Humane Society.

If artist choose, they can donate their 50% to EASL, an organization that provides emergency funding for Dallas/Fort Worth area visual artists and arts professionals

It’s important to note that this is a win/win solution to the old “Silent Auction – give work to raise money for a charity” current business model.  Usually, the artists are not compensated, not promoted, and not even invited to the function; unless they pay the high ticket price to the event.  Ugh.  The artists are donating work for the heART show, but will be fully promoted, compensated $200, if we sell their work, and actually invited to be a part of the party.  We will find ways to make sure the artists get coverage and their work promoted with literature and connections on the H.A.P. web site. 

Please let me know if you’re interested and pass this onto any other artists you think might be interested.  The goal is to get 100 pieces of art, 2D artists will be limited to two submissions, 3D small scale work will be limited to one piece per artists.  My hope is to sell $40,000 worth of art.

Artists, organizations & individuals who are donating art to the Henderson Art Project - heART show
Rachel Mostert Davis
Sonya Shinn Edwards
Jan Ayers
Jessica Trevizo

web site

sonyaedwards.net blog sample work
Alison Jardine
Terry Jones
Keith Livingston
Scott Trent
alisonjardine.com tmjcreativesculptures.com keithlivingstondesign.com scottrent.com
Jenifer McNeil Baker
Virginia Lindsay
Patricia Sweet
Joe Celestine Guardino
jenifermcneilbaker.com VirginiaLindsayArt.com sample work sample work
Erica Reynolds
Guang Ai
Liz London
Esther Ritz
haknyak.com/ericareynolds sample work lizlondon.com estherritz.com
Art Wells
Donated by
Rick & Debby Kimball
Nan Phillips
Jay Silber
artsculpts.com nan-art.com kestrelridgeforge.com
Steve Prachyl
Cassandra Fink
Esther Ritz
Carmen Menza



estherritz.com carmenmenza.com
Julie Michel Designs
Tammy Coleman
Janet Reynolds

Connie Chantilis

juliemicheldesigns.com tamaracoleman.blogspot.com imaginejanetreynolds.com


Dahlia Woods
David Terry
Gina Dunn
David Hopson
dahliawoodsgallery.com davidterry.com



Michael Scott Shubin
Katrina Doran
Cynthia Daniel
J.D. Evans
Sample work


cmdaniel.com jdevansart.com
Diana Chase
David McCullough
Samantha Fischer
Janet Reynolds
Rick Fender
Stuart Hausmann
Stuart Hausmann
Lottie Minick
Kristina Townsend
Kim Kolker

Donated by
Shango Galleries

  Chris Lattanzio

sample work


Courtney Brown   Michael Ledoux Michelle O'Michael
Erica Sutherland
sample work ledouxartgallery.com omichael.com sample work & web
Erica Sutherland   Laura Abrams Juanluis Gonzalez
Anonymous Donation
sample work Laura's work sculptornow.com  
Michelle Murillo
Barbara Dybala Mylan Nguyen
Anonymous Donation
Susan Giller
Sonia Semone
Veronique Jonas
Kristina Townsend
sample work soniasemone.com    
Kendra Briscoe
Betsy Bass
Kendra Briscoe
Christopher Mangus

KeLaine Kvale

Kathy Robinson-hays

Christopher Mangus
Edgar I. Vazquez

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