April 28, 2010

heART sale (A fundraiser to support the artists and the Richardson Humane Society.)

Sammy Landers, arttrak.com

donated by Shango Galleries

This is a mixed media drawing by one of our self taught artists named Sammy Landers, 38 x 19 1/2 inches mat size.

Despite the afflictions of autism, the African American artist Sammy Landers communicates  both boldly and subtlety with his strong symmetrical designs.

Like the well known autistic figure  Temple Grandin, who rejects physical contact, Sammy is a private soft-spoken person  who prefers the daily solitary  life of drawing over human contact.   In his work, you never see Sammy’s standing figures touching. In fact, even each figure’s  legs and arms are spaced evenly apart  away from their body; each figure dominates its own space.  Lettering that Sammy finds in books and on television become part of the design elements. Sammy’s unique signatures frequently become part of the art as well.

In his 50s now, Sammy still enjoys sharing his world with his collectors on his terms and in his way.   More of Sammy Landers’ art can be found at www.arttrak.com

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