April 28, 2010

heART sale (A fundraiser to support the artists and the Richardson Humane Society.)


Connie Chantilis, www.cacmosaicdesigns.com


Message in a Bottle #15

12"L x 8"D x 7"H

Healing crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries through out many cultures, religions and empires.  Following is a list of minerals used to create this work and their healing properties.

Recovered Glass from Turn of the Century - promotes self healing

Quartz - the stone power - extremely versatile healing stone

Smokey Quartz - helps to overcome depression and stress

Quartz with chlorite - quartz is the stone power - chlorite removes negative energy of all kinds, including anger, hostility, and illness

Pyrite - one of the most grounding stones - used for focus, practicality, logic, memory

Iron Ore - possesses exceptional grounding powers

Artist's Statement: Message in a Bottle Series

My journey in this series was one of collecting objects which have a mystical appeal. Through urban archaeology, I recovered objects from the early 1900s and before: iridescent bottles and burned glass, discarded spark plugs, oxidized metal items and other memories and pieces of the past buried in turn of the century landfills. The energy of the geological specimens spoke to me with their natural beauty and healing properties. I was called upon to combine each of these elements in their various states to create stories that appeal to the onlooker’s intellect as well as their spiritual and meditative nature.

There is a magic created by blending the geological finds such as amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds, African kyanite, petrified wood, malachite, fossils and various types of crystals with the gems of urban archaeology. The energy flows from the past through the present to the future. These items – individually and collectively – speak to me on many levels – bringing thoughts of our natural cycles, ebbs and flows, and the healing power of our energy that allows us all to transform and reincarnate while honoring the sacred pieces of our past.


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