Life is Terrific


The Henderson Art Project places art in the community and I drew inspiration from the idea of community and the many pleasurable activities the inhabitants engage in daily. The simplified perspective, stylized figures and bright palette echo the simplicity of a woven rug. Using the visual conventions of Folk Art seemed to support the concept of my submission.
This simplified village has everything it needs; food, housing, fresh air, places to play and friends to play with, a fine variety of small pleasures. But all is not completely bucolic– Godzilla is coming!

A favorite of childhood Saturday afternoons at the matinee, Godzilla symbolizes the crises, big and small, that threaten personal equilibrium: Economic disasters arise, marriages collapse, illness attacks, accidents happen, extremes of weather hit, bad hair days meet us in the mirror... hard times inevitably come. Our initial response is a freak out, then we cope with the difficulties, figure out how to deal with it, we learn from our experience, become more resilient, and life goes on...
The good news is that this community has what it needs to weather this crisis. The blue dog is sounding a warning, folks are about to be alerted that trouble is on the way. A fire engine is available to minimize damage, and there is plenty of room to clear out of Godzilla’s way while she has a colossal tantrum.

Godzilla enters and departs by water, just as trouble comes and goes. When hard times upset the status quo, it’s difficult to remember that it isn’t a permanent siege, just part of a cycle. When hard times ease up, go outside and remember all the ways we help on another survive, thrive, and connect.




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