La Lucha


This series of work is based off my memories of Mexico, the country from which my parents originate. As a young Mexican-American, the visit made quite an impression on me as I saw the country’s rich culture exhibited in every corner, down to every laid brick, as well as the diversity.  Coming from an upper middle class suburban home, I recall clearly the culture shock I experienced in seeing the people, the poverty, the market, and the small dirty children scrambling for any loose “pesos” on the street.  At the time, I was in middle school and I had developed a growing fascination with graffiti and mark making, so among these scenes what stood out the most were the numerous buildings, from large factories, to train yards, small shops, and even homes that were covered in graffiti.  By that time I was familiar enough with street art to recognize most of the graffiti to be gang related, or just the tag of some wannabe artist.  There were also some murals, and the few I had the chance to see were impressive and colorful.  In my work I take the memories of Mexico, my heritage, and reflect the beauty and richness of the city. I try to express and capture the country’s richness through color and shape, yet contrasting the beauty by having a thick black layer of marks laid on top of them.  The graffiti marks on my work are not text, but another Mexican symbol that has a meaningful significance.  I use an exaggerated abstract form of the traditional “luchador” wrestling mask, which to me reflects the strength and courage of the people, whom through their personal hardships still remain as colorful, vibrant, and beautiful as their culture.  Even through poverty, violence, and most recently all the drug wars knocking at their door, the culture, the people, and the rich memories still remain.




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