I am an local artist who lives in Mesquite, moved here from Madera California. I’ve always enjoyed art and I like when I find people with similar interest. My over all concept and approach to all my art is making known the arts to all people. Not just museum art, but art in general that runs from culinary arts, to sculptures, and down to street art. For this contest I envision people being introduced to the art community, but more specifically children of all ages.

My first proposed painting would be a portrait of a young child with glasses over his face, all which will be black and white and having the background in different colors with a look of more clean street art. As if the child were blinded to the world outside of him, which happens to hold the art community and its magnificence among the ones who have found the love for it.

A second option of a painting are kids, all in black and white with their backs to the people pointing towards a wall with colors dripping down making crazy shapes that make the colors stand out, as if the children found the secret to the art world.
An finally another painting would be a more invasive, “in your face” kind of art that have colorful playful swirls and different shapes and shading inside the letter to be a graffiti style. This would be a more upfront concept with nothing to hide and just a very blunt street art for all to see. It will say “The Art World”




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