The Freeze

120" x 54" x 36" , Powder coated in Sparkle Chamelion Blue

My sculpture is based on the idea of 3/5/8 mathematical beauty, suggesting everything in nature can be broken down into those proportions and that everything is a structural spiral.    The finished sculpture is graceful, ethereal, soft, and happy although it comes from rough, cold, rigid steel.  It’s not about making a social or political statement or regurgitating a bygone aesthetic or art movement, my sculpture is about form, lines, and movement from the depths of my own imagination, that engage the natural environment in an organic way.  I want my sculpture to play a visual trick, a balancing act, and contradict the very nature of the material I use to produce it.  I want the viewer to see it floating and balancing delicately with a confusing afterthought of the enormous weight involved. 

Sustainability is important to me, especially in public art.  I use recycled steel to create with and I use only the most environmentally friendly and sustainable industrial coatings.  I also take pride in building my own equipment to fabricate with.  I have hand built, from all salvaged materials, an industrial rolling machine that allows me to push the limits of my imagination.




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