48 x 60 x 48”, coated steel

My aesthetic springs from flat W. Texas land punctuated with cacti and steel-rig trees that start with dirt, survive wind and end in sky. The desert has a different rhythm than forests or urban environments.  My isolated desert childhood from a musician family inform my creativity.   The Henderson sites have a similar feel to the desert.  My work shows well in outdoor urban settings.

I balance content, technical expertise and beauty by pushing materials and intuition.  I explore the interaction of mass, structure, space, surface shadow and volume through quality of line in 360 degrees.   Starting with the building blocks of nature, my objective is to infuse the industrial with fluidity and creativity through the use of concave and convex shapes.  In placement of sculpture in space, line and form are of equal significance.  As David Smith stated on the quality of steel as a material: “What it can do in arriving at form economically, no other material can do.”  Steel has an inherent content of power, strength, movement, edge and brutality. Along with the interaction of planes, shadow and shape I use this content of the material and form to express content.

My exploration of curvilinear, concave and convex, through drawing in 3-dimensions is reinforced by the world I see.  I believe certain shapes and colors are primal and man responds to them on a subconscious level.  I notice these shapes reoccurring from the beginning of time in nature, DNA science, star systems, the growth structure of plants and trees and the sacred geometry of world religions through millennia.  These shapes symbolize our life cycle, connections to nature, spirituality and creativity.  The movement captured in my work signifies our evolution of accomplishments and on-going expansion.




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