Urban Teepee

9' tall x 5' diagonal

My concept for HAP 2011 is to create an urban teepee, a place in Dallas for pedestrians on Henderson to experience something whimsical and fun. The idea is to help people recapture some of the fun and adventure of their childhood. I would like to remind people not to take themselves so seriously and just have fun being a little silly at times. The teepee will be sewn together using different colored and varies types of cloth (Fig.1). The colors of the cloth of the teepee will be fully visible on the outside to draw the viewer in. However, the inside of the teepee with be painted white (Fig.2) in order to allow me to draw on the inside. I will make childlike drawings all along one strip of the teepee and will then write a message on the inside encouraging people that visit the teepee to contribute their own drawings. If chosen to create this piece it would be my dream to have the inside of the teepee fully covered by the drawings of the people that visited it over the 2 years that it would be displayed on Henderson.




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