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Currently I am working on my master's degree in intermedia at the University of Texas Arlington. My bachelor's concentration was in printmaking, primarily woodcuts. I am proposing to use one of your 4'x6' canvases to create a non-printable block, a two-dimensional sculpture. I will cut into the block with varying depths and tools.  When the cutting process has been completed, I will ink it up with black ink and seal it.  The piece will then have high contrast for visibility from the road and invite people to touch the textures that are created with a woodblock. The intent for this artwork is to be as inviting and interactive as possible.  Two of the images I have presented are of scale sketches for my proposal. The third is a close up of one of my previous pieces so that you may see some of the textures I create. I look forward to helping your cause and contributing to the community.




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