48" x 48"

Infuenced by Egyptian art as well as Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch,
M. C. Escher, H. G. Giger, Justin Bua, Arcimboldo, Constantin Brancusi
(human body themes), Juan Miro, and Wassily Kandinsky (colours), the
human body or the portrait thereof, is the main subject of a large percentage
of his creativity. This includes creative art as well as his photographic vision.
He is an artist of the human body - nature relationship.

Human parts are seen in every variation of a natural formation.
For example: clouds, rock formations, folds of fabric. During a year studying
in Egypt, the concept “There is a shape in everything” came to him with the
mountain landscape of the Egyptian Sinai Mountains. He began the approach
of drawing the human body as a stone formation. The dry branches of the
Bedouin Tree in the Sinai Mountains have become an icon in his art.
The colours used in his art are a social result of being exposed to the communist
dogma in which people were only surrounded by black, brown and grey. As
there was a craving for color, at 14 Dan Colcer began thinking along the concept
of “Gravity Creates”, at which time he combined a colour board with an
accidental spillage of ink. When the board was moved around the ink drops
began to create unique humanlike shapes through the process of gravitational
influence. As a child, Dan enjoyed rock climbing where he studied the effects of
gravity and continued his observation as a young adult working as a rope access
technician in Romania.

Influenced by ancient Greek mythology and philosophy (Gaia - The Mother
Planet Concept), as well as more recent “thinkers” such as Friedrich Nietzsche,
John Lennon, and Petre Tutea (a Romanian philosopher), the conclusion is made
that the Earth is the most important element of humanities existence as we know
it. In Greek mythology, the Earth is personified in the Goddess Gaia, born
together with Uranus (the sky), from chaos which represents the
basic elements of the Earth.





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