Heart - Guts - Brains


A few years ago I went to the doctor because I was having stomach issues. After I explained my symptoms the doctor suggested prescribing me anti-depressants. I thought surely he was confused– I wasn’t sad–something was wrong with my gut. He then explained that there are more nerves in the intestines than in the brain. I was surprised by that fact and it stuck with me; the fact that the parts of the human body are so interconnected is my inspiration for this piece.

I chose bright, fluorescent colors for the background to capture the viewers’ attention. The black labels HEART, GUTS, and BRAINS are switched to not correspond with the organ in front. This is done to lead the viewer to understand that our organs are reliant upon one another; that damage to

one affects the others and that the health of one can help the others.
The title “You Need All Three” is more than the obvious fact that humans need these three organs to survive. The words HEART, GUTS, and BRAINS are also characteristics needed to survive in an ever more difficult world. My hope is that people will experience and interpret this painting in the way most fitting to their unique situations, and that they will leave feeling inspired to live more passionately, courageously, and thoughtfully.




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