Two Koi

24' x 24' x 5' high, marble & steel

I’m a Dallas sculptor and painter, and I’d like to submit a proposal for a 3-D piece for the Henderson Art Project.

I’d like to propose a sculpture installation, Two Koi.  The piece would be a marble sculpture of 2 Japanese Carp, approximately 18” long, swimming next to each other, oriented head to tail.  The marble is a white Italian marble from the quarry used by Michaelangelo.  The fish would be swimming through a ring of ordinary round steel, red-brown in color which would be supported by steel legs imbedded in the ground. The overall dimensions of the piece would be approximately 24’ x 24” x 5’ high. 

The carving of the marble portion of the sculpture has already begun.  The general length of time needed for a stone carving of this time is 2 weeks.  Along with the steel fabrication, 1 month would be sufficient to complete the piece.
I’ve done several stone pieces of this size, and have done larger commission work, specifically a large architectural piece for the city of Iowa City. 




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