I love the concept of bringing art to the masses. Especially, when art brings nature to the city - no admission fees - just a free gift to the neighborhood (ideally spot 26 or 27). When I see landscape, I see color. I pick my composition and transform it into paint in my mind. The first piece I am proposing is an enlargement of “Yellow,” inspired by a tree that caught my eye while visiting Circus Maxentius in Rome. I photographed it, then sketched it numerous times. Each time simplifying the color palette or eliminating distracting elements until what remained was pure, rich, color uninterrupted except by the beautiful organic flow of strong, bold lines. This is my favorite of several versions of this subject, one of which will be featured in the soon to be released independent film, Seasons of Gray.

“Autumn” is taken from my sketchbook and has yet to be realized in paint. I plan to handle it in the same manner as “Yellow.”

Given the opportunity, I am confident one of these pieces would be quite striking and enhance the urban landscape around Henderson Avenue. Thank you for your consideration. 





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