Henderson Art Project

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heART show
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5100 Henderson Ave.

Opus 1

2720 Henderson Ave.

Red Dancer

2510 Henderson Ave.

Outside the Circle

2430 Henderson Ave.

Prairie Fire

2026 Henderson Ave.

Yellow Rose

1828 Henderson Ave.

Sugar Magnolia

1800 Henderson Ave.

Heaven's Door

2740 Henderson Ave.

Audio Installation

My current compositions play with balance of forms such as we balance different situations in life.


"Outside the Circle" is about creativity and imagination.


The Yellow Rose, the state flower of the proud state of Texas, is a large sculpture
that focuses on the macro view of the center of this beautiful flower.

A symbol of strength and delicacy, "Sugar Magnolia" is a culmination of my strong Southern heritage, and my desire to create beautiful form.

Heaven’s Door – Represents the Kingdom of Heaven
available to those who knock… may also represent doors of opportunity or doors to one’s dreams or doors of perception.

The difference between what we see and what we know.








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click HERE to view aerial map of Henderson Ave.
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