Henderson Art Project Billboard located at Belmont & Henderson Avenue, Dallas 75206                

In an effort to maximize the exposure for all stakeholders in the Henderson Art Project, a billboard is placed on Henderson Avenue.

Sponsors are promoted, a legend of the street with art placement is displayed and the participating artists are listed.

A map of the street has the location of art placements and a coordinated number that lists participating artists.

Artist's name and their web address is included.

In addition, a plaque is place in front of each piece of art with artist's name, art title and web address.


What does quality exposure look like? Often, the minor details of fully integrating the art into an event and finding ways to promote the artist is as simple as considering available options. This location was graciously offered by one of our underwriters, Phoenix Property Company.

The question to all of the artists, promoters and event directors, how are you providing quality exposure for your participating artists?

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