Courtney is an emerging visual artist who lives and works in Dallas.  She is this year’s recipient of the prestigious young artist award from the Dallas Museum of Art and the “Ideas in Art” award from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Her most recent work, “MARK: Investigating Intuitive Mark Making,” was featured at the Gallery West in Arlington, March 2010.  She will complete her bachelor’s of fine arts degree in painting from UT Arlington, May 2011.

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Courtney Brown, co-Director

Tanya is an artist. She graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with her bachelor's of fine art in 2010.
Tanya Wilson, Director Development

Scott is a metal sculptor, academic and E.D. for the non-profit, Support the Arts. He teaches in the school of Arts and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Support the Arts creates opportunities for artists. The Henderson Art Project is one event supported by Support the Arts.

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Scott Trent, co-Director

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