2011 Henderson Art Project

2011 Judges' Selection
2011 Judges' Selection
2011 Judges' Selection
2011 Judges' Selection
2011 Judges' Selection
2011 Judges' Selection

Five judges from local media served as judges to select the top 6 works of art for $6,000 prize money.

Criteria was open to the judges' interpretation of what is public art and their opinion which works of art accomplished their definition of good public art.

Judges comments:

- Best to all the artists for making the neighborhood better with their work.

- I appreciate the integration of 2-D art into the contest this year. It's almost surprising to see it on the street, propped on their purple easels, given so many associate 2-D art with museums and formal gallery spaces. I really enjoy the fresh juxtaposition!




Wind No. 8

Cool Art
Four Navels
Blue Majesty
Dance, Fly
Look Inside
Snake on Henderson
Spirit of Henderson

2204 Henderson Avenue
Vacant lot - north side of st.
east of Glencoe & Henderson

2500 Garrett
S/W corner, Belmont Avenue & Garrett
North edge of Belmont Apartment Property

2212 Henderson Avenue
Vacant lot - north side of street
east of Glencoe & Henderson

2525 Bennett Avenue
S/E corner, Bennett Avenue & Monett Street
west side of Belmont Apartment property

2200 Henderson Avenue
N/W Corner Glencoe & Henderson
Across the street from Fish City Grill

2910 Henderson Avenue
N/W corner, Willis Avenue & Henderson
In front of Tei Tei Robata Bar

5200 Richard Avenue
S/W corner, Homer & Richard
1 block behind Emeralds to Coconuts

2400 Bennett Avenue
N/W corner, Capitol Avenue & Bennett
east side of Belmont apartment property

2617 Henderson Avenue
Front N/W corner of Bonham Elementary

1800 Henderson Avenue
N/E corner, Lewis Street & Henderson
S/W corner of SunFlower Farmers Market lot

1828 Henderson Avenue
N/W corner Lewis Street & Henderson Avenue

2323 Henderson Avenue
S/E corner, Capitol & Henderson
In front of Sushi Axiom

Additional judges' comments:
Specific to the art - scroll across to view.
- Somehow, this blue painting speaks to me more in a green field than it would against a white wall.   - Representational paintings always catch my eye and make me pause more than abstract ones -- in a vacant lot, even more so.  

- Sure, it's derivative of Roy Lichtenstein's cartoony graphic paintings, but it made me smile.

- I love the self-awareness of this piece, which was definitely made for an art exhibit on a busy street

- The title made me giggle.


- The placement of pieces in front of Bonham Elementary is genius. What better way to incorporate fine art into young peoples' lives than put it at the entrance of their school? Hopefully having seen it in their youth, students will feel it is a more approachable discipline in the future and continue to seek it out for the rest of their lives.

- Subtle, feminine piece allowing the viewer to look at and through the work of the artist.

- The placement of art atop a pole, on a street lined with commercial signage atop poles, amuses me.

- Eye-popping play of visual rhythm and hot colors in the blank, beige space of a parking lot. Does everything public art should do.

- Public art should be larger than life. I love when it is scaled to its environment.

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